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Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth whitening is a procedure performed with water-based gels or laser applications that removes yellowing of the teeth. In this process, it is decided which method is more suitable for the person after a medical examination. After the teeth whitening application, which is performed in a short period of time, individuals may sometimes be asked to perform some applications and care at home under the supervision of a physician. Teeth whitening methods are determined individually.
  • Questions such as whether teeth whitening is permanent or how permanent it is are among the most curious issues about this procedure. Teeth whitening is a permanent procedure. In proportion to the care that individuals show to dental care after the application, the duration of the teeth remaining white is prolonged. When sufficient attention is not paid to oral and dental care, yellowing can be seen again.
  • Although the duration of the teeth whitening process varies according to the preferred teeth whitening method, the average procedure time can be considered as 1 – 2 hours. Likewise, teeth whitening fee and price options vary according to the methods used.After this application, which gives the teeth a bright and clean appearance, there may be teeth whitening products that you can use at home and recommended by your dentist.
  • Teeth whitening, which is part of the applications known as dental aesthetics or smile design, is one of the first steps to a well-groomed, clean and healthy appearance. Yellowing and stains that occur over time affect not only oral health but also the mood of people negatively. It can cause insecure behavior when speaking, laughing or eating in public.Teeth whitening is a very easy, painless and comfortable application. With Esteworld’s 25 years of experience, expert staff and the advantages it offers, you can get your new look immediately by having this procedure, which has become much more privileged!
Proccesing Time : 10 Days
Anesthesia Method: Local
Return to Work: Immediately
Persistence of Results: 5 Years

Dental health is not just about healthy teeth. It is also the key to your smile and self-confidence.