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What is an implant ?

A dental implantis an artificial tooth root made of titanium which is used instead of a tooth root.

Dental implant treatments are among the options that make the life of our patients easier, have a long life compared to alternative treatments and can be applied without any treatment on adjacent healthy teeth.


Who receives implant treatment ?

It is applied to people who have lost their teeth due to periodontal disease, caries, or any other reason.

What are the processes of implant treatment?

The patient who is planned to be implanted undergoes clinical and radiographic controls. As a result of these examinations, the type, diameter and length of the implant; then the type of prosthesis is decided. Accordingly, the duration of treatment varies depending on the types of implants and the bone quality of the patient.

Why should you choose dental implant treatment ?

It is very normal to lose your self-confidence due to missing tooth/teeth. Perhaps missing teeth can affect your speech or make it painful to chew. You don’t have to accept this situation and suffer because of your missing teeth. A small titanium implant will replace the roots of your missing teeth that were once in your jaw. In addition, in areas where teeth are missing, loss occurs in the jawbone over time. The application of the implant to the area where the tooth or teeth have been lost significantly reduces this amount of loss.

Advantages of dental implant treatment;

  • Brings back your safe and beautiful smile.
  • Helps you chew smoothly and without pain.
  • Dental implantslook like your own teeth and create a naturaltoothfeeling.
  • You will have the perfect root of the tooth.
  • Dental implants allow you to speak without worrying about teeth slipping.