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Sinus Lifting
  • Sinus lifting is actually bringing the membrane wall of the sinus to the desired position. Membrane, the wall surrounding the inside of the sinus. Sinus lifting operation can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia according to the patient’s desire. This surgical procedure, which is handled in an ordinary dentist’s chair, takes place as follows. Access to the sinus wall is provided through an approximately 2 mm window opened through the mouth. The sinus membrane is brought to the desired position at this stage and the gap is filled with bone powder and grafting. In this way, the bone deficiency in the place where the implant treatment will be applied is eliminated and the patient begins to make smoother sounds. The hole is sutured and treated by your physician.
  • If the amount of bone available as a result of sinus prolapse is sufficient to fix the implant screw, the implant can be applied at the same time. However, in some cases, the bone loss is too much for the implant to be placed. In such cases, sinus lift is performed first. Wait for bone formation (approximately 6 months). Then the implant is applied.
  • After the sinus lifting operation, the first rule is that it is strictly forbidden to eat, drink or do any similar action for two hours. The second rule is to avoid eating and drinking for 24 hours, that is, to avoid eating with the area where the treatment took place. The last thing that patients should pay attention to after the sinus lift procedure is nose cleaning. Do not apply pressure during nose cleaning and the mouth will definitely be kept open during sneezing. If you pay attention to these, you can continue your life without any problems.
  • What is an open sinus?
    An open sinus is a surgical procedure to make the sinus cavity openly accessible. In this method, the surgeon accesses the sinus cavity by making an open cut through the implant site in the jawbone. A bone graft or filler is then placed, which will be used to elevate the sinus cavity. In an open sinus operation, the surgeon has a direct field of vision, allowing for detailed assessment and control. This method requires more surgical invasion, so the recovery period may be longer.
  • What is Closed Sinus?
    Closed sinus lifting is a sinus lifting method performed by endoscopically accessing the sinus cavity. In this method, the surgeon does not make a small cut on the jawbone. Instead, he or she makes a pilot hole at the implant site and inserts a thin endoscope into the sinus cavity. With endoscopic visualization, a graft or filler is inserted into the sinus cavity without lifting the sinus floor. In closed sinus surgery, the healing process is usually faster because there is less surgical invasion.
Proccesing Time : 10 Days
Anesthesia Method: Local
Return to Work: Immediately
Persistence of Results: 5 Years

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