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  • Orthodontic treatments are performed with at least 4 years of orthodontic specialization during the dental education process. Orthodontic disorders and treatments performed by people who have received training on orthodontic disorders and treatments. After 5 years of studying Dentistry, 4 years of orthodontist specialization is done and the doctorate program is realized. In addition, people who pass the current exams serve as orthodontists.
  • Orthodontics specialist and treatment is a type of treatment applicable for all age groups. The important factor is how the dental disorder is and at what stage it is. If the existing disorder is only dental, it can be treated at any age. However, if there is a problem with the skeletal system, the patient is expected to pass adolescence.In adulthood, surgical operations are planned to be accompanied by treatment due to skeletal problems. Some wire materials are used for crooked teeth. In addition, in patients who have problems with the alignment of the teeth, the biggest problem today is that braces are not aesthetic in terms of appearance. However, with the developing technology today, it is a great advantage for patients with the creation of transparent invisible wires.
  • If you start orthodontic treatment early, your standards will be adapted; if you start orthodontic treatment late, you will have to adapt the standards to your face. Around the age of 7, it will be more advantageous to be under the control of your dentist. It varies according to the development of children and the time of tooth eruption. Do not forget that your child should want this treatment himself/herself and should be capable of self-care. The appearance of crooked teeth will make him/her want this treatment and adapt to the treatment process more easily. It is always preferable to start early. However, you can be treated at any age. Sometimes orthodontic treatment can also be applied to make room for implants. Therefore, the application can be performed even at the age of 50.
  • No one wants it to deteriorate again after orthodontic treatment. Measures are taken for this. At the end, the treatment ends with a thin wire from the inside and transparent plates or special appliances that you can use on the upper part.
Proccesing Time : 10 Days
Anesthesia Method: Local
Return to Work: Immediately
Persistence of Results: 5 Years

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